Add Clio Entry

Welcome Northern Wisconsin Heritage Council (NWHC) members, and congratulations on adding Clio entries into our tours. Below are several links to make this process easy. If you are new to adding Clio entries, we recommend you watch the tutorial video linked below. That way you will know what to expect and can be better prepared. By watching the video, you can choose which method of uploading Clio entries best suits you.

Many will choose the easy form to upload a Clio entry. Members simply fill out a 3-page online form that will be routed to our NWHC Tech Team for uploading. No passwords or logins. Just fill out the required fields, like your locations, name, email, introduction, backstory and so on. You also should have up to 5 images in jpg or ping formats to upload.

More experienced digital users may choose to go directly to The Clio website, create a login, and select the Northern Wisconsin Heritage Council as the Institution for your Clio entry. You will need a password from the NWHC to access our institution in Clio. That password will be sent by email to NWHC members and should not be shared with non-members.

If you experience difficulties just email or call 715 897-1414. Please understand for the first few months we may need a few days to respond to inquiries as we refine our operations.